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Five Reasons to Hire Vicki

  • Vicki is a hands-on expert. She knows what works in the business world.

  • Vicki adds just a touch of humor that makes you love her and helps the message go down.

  • Vicki tells the stories of real life experience that she owns, she feels it to the point that you can see it and are inspired.

  • Vicki is one of the most committed people that you will meet with an incredible follow-through. A professional that you will love to work with.

  • When you work with Vicki, you wonít find anyone more thorough. She delivers just what she promises!

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Vicki Shultz is a NALA advance certified paralegal specialist in Trial Practice. She oversees the business operations of a Houston governmental defense law firm. Her prior experience includes having managed a multi-million dollar municipal corporation for over 10 years, and having provided paralegal support to attorneys for over 20 years in the areas of indigent client representation in utility cut-off cases, bankruptcy law, corporate labor, employment and employee benefits law, as well as litigation support and oversight in a broad spectrum of legal issues.

A published author and frequent speaker on the topics of various trial practices, ethics, business entities, and business operations, she is a former President of one of our nationís largest paralegal associations, and a 2010 recipient of the National Association of Professional Womenís Woman of the Year Award. Vicki owns and operates two businesses and her new book, Committed We Stand, will be in stores very soon, along with a companion workbook, Stop The Bunny Hop.

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Vicki Shultz is a business performance specialist who will help you hold on to your talent.

Vicki is a published author and frequent lecturer on trial practices, ethics, business entities and many other topics. She is a former President of one of the nation's largest paralegal associations and recipient of the National Association of Legal Assistants Advance Paralegal Certification in Trial Practice.

Vicki Shultz is a NALA advance certified paralegal specialist in Trial Practices. Recipient of the National Association of Professional Women's 2010 Woman of the Year Award. She is published in the NAPW's Legacy Registry 2010-2011, which is on file in the Library of Contress

Her broad experience includes managing a multi-million dollar Texas Municipal Corporation for over 10 years and serving as a Law Firm Administrator responsible for the daily operations of a multi-million dollar Houston firm.

Vicki is a world traveler and enjoys her knowledge exchange with her couterparts in other parts of the world.

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Vicki Shultz
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