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Committed We Stand - Undecided We Fall

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Do you realize that in 6 months your new talent could be gone? If you don’t, you can bet your competition does! Allowing your trained professionals to be hijacked is a drain on the bottom line and the future of your company. In “Committed We Stand,” Vicki walks you through the building blocks of understanding and retaining your newly trained young professionals. Today’s new generation of employees may need your help to see a clear path to their future with your company. Defining open communication and reciprocal commitment will build a new vision plan that will be mutually beneficial for company-driven success.

You will discover how to:
  • Develop a plan of relevant incentives based on need
  • Demonstrate the future the young professionals have in your company
  • Use the invisible force of commitment to improve the bottom line
  • Communicate with the new generation
  • Begin the commitment process
  • Tap into company values that go beyond basic benefits
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One Day Seminar

Stop The Bunny Hop - Reduce Your Talent Erosion

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Do you hire young professionals and as soon as you get them trained, they hop-hop-hop out the door? Are you aware of the hidden cost of losing succession candidates?

In her book, Vicki sheds new light on the competition for your newly trained young professionals, and why this emerging trend becomes more commonplace each day. You may not know how to stop this erosion because you don’ t understand how to motivate, direct and work with the younger generation.

“Stop the Bunny Hop!” will define the need for commitment and essential face-to-face communication. Put your right foot in before your competition does!

You will learn:
  • Why young professionals job hop
  • Why you need to understand hidden turnover costs
  • Why face-to-face communication is important
  • Why lack of commitment impacts retention
  • Why you have to begin the commitment process
  • Why the right incentives reduce turnover
More and more leaders are realizing the value of Vicki's twenty-five years in business. Her in-depth, comprehensive workplace analysis of the benefits of retention of valuable talent and it's impact on the organization's growth builds sustainable change. Sharing her management ability strengthens and grows a committed workforce, therefore creating a lasting impact to your corporate culture that will improve your bottom line.
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